Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Apple Will launch on iPhone 5C and 5S on 10th September

Reported that Apple will launch on September 10 the price is low, the plastic body of iPhone 5C.
App will launch its new iPhone 5C with plastic body on 10th September with a low price.

 This 4-inch phone is expected to replace the product lineup iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. While the company will certainly be in the U.S. smartphone market share increased low end, but this is only incidental effects.
In many countries, operators have been converted to non-subsidized, only to support SIM of the package, but for the average person iPhone price is too high.

U.S. carriers are the exception, not included. Even if you have your own cell phone, AT & T, Verizon and Sprint will not charge you less money. Canada is the same situation in the past, but is slowly changing. But in Europe, you can choose the standard subsidy package or cheaper SIM packages. For example, in France, you can order $ 25 (€ 19.90) per month to get unlimited voice calls, SMS and data traffic (traffic up to 3GB, the speed will be reduced). The only drawback is that users need to pay the full amount of the phone.

The situation in Britain is the same. Our reporter Natasha Lomas (Natasha Lomas) now pays $ 23 (£ 15) you can get unlimited data traffic. And you can always change carriers. T-Mobile is trying to apply the same experience to the United States, but its price is not up to the level of the European operators.

Will you spend $ 900 to buy 16GB version iPhone 5?

Changes occurred in the European market a few years ago. Vibrant operators do not subsidize handset through cheap to attract customers, but chose to give up expensive packages to lure customers, this strategy yielded results. These new packages are not much cheaper, about the other half of the package price to third. This trend will continue to strengthen. No subsidy package will be more popular. In France, this package of mobile phone users accounted for 39%, to 74.8 million active SIM Qatar, this is not a small market.

However, you'll pay $ 900 (679 euros) buy 16GB version of iPhone 5? If the calculation will find more cost-effective package to restore the use of subsidies. Also, many people do not want to see again on a single bank chargeback high costs. Now the only option is to pay $ 900 or choose another phone. If your phone is only used to send and receive mail, login Facebook, upload Instgram photos, spending so much money to convince yourself is very difficult. Most people just want their mobile phone connected to the Internet only.

Now, most customers can choose the older iPhone 4 or 4S and Android phones. You can use the $ 665 (497 euros) purchase Galaxy S4. The price is not low, but still $ 250 cheaper than the iPhone 5. But to see the iPhone 4S store 3.5-inch screen, you will convince yourself buying Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry 10 phone system.

Apple will be ready to face the transition to unsubsidized package.

Cheap iPhone has a larger screen than the iPhone 4S, everyone will think that this is the "new" mobile phone, this is the right strategy. The company will regain market share in Europe, and will be prepared to face the user inevitably turn to non-subsidized packages trend.

But Europe is only part of the story, here is still second only to Apple's second largest market in North America, while China is the third largest market undisputed. Golden iPhone 5S will be selling in the Chinese market, but many customers are more willing to buy mobile phones spend less money. This is why the iPhone 4 and 4S in China's popularity is higher than the United States. iPhone 4 Apple store in China currently sells for $ 500. These products are low and profit margins of Apple, because its production costs are still high - Apple also uses glass and aluminum. Plastic body phones will reduce production costs.

iPhone 5C may be cheaper than the iPhone 5S 200 or $ 300, but the key elements of 5C is that this is a new phone. Apple hopes to explore new market segments, thereby playing the market share game, like iPod mini and nano, or iPad mini same. However, this depends entirely on market acceptance. Why should I buy this phone instead of buying another? Apple to make consumers think: This is the iPhone, prices and other cell phones, or new.

Check out the new iPhone here

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  1. I was waiting for the phone for about 2 weeks, and the fingerprint sensor took my breath away.!
    Now everyone in my family wants to have a go at the fingerprint technique..including my cat.