Thursday, 13 February 2014

Panasonic Reorganizes its Business in Consumer Electronics

Panasonic decided to ask a new director to take the Consumer Electronic Group as head of the business.
Their managing director Steve Rust announced that Richard Tassone will take over the group which is said to be a long term plan with an efficient strategy to deliver success.

Apart from that the new business structure consists of a couple of Group Manager rules that point to the success of the Air Conditioning and Home Appliance as the first and Imaging and Home Entertainment as the second.

Rust mentioned that Richard has been with Panasonic for over 13 years and has a lump-some amount of expertise with the company though he has also managed the sales and marketing areas making him an overall all rounder.

With the new changes the company is looking to transform some skills along with the resources with the CEG to get a greater response. This includes a new wave of instructions sent out into the market analyst to research and plan to achieve better goals with the change of needs of consumer electronic customers.

This will increase the chance for customers to buy consumer electronics from Panasonic and now can also browse and buy consumer electronics online on official websites or online shopping sites. Panasonic should market this strategy well because there are a lot of online sites that offer cheap consumer electronics.

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