Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Ring Clock: Fashion Clock Rings

From cell phones, tablet to the computer, we already have more than enough equipment display time. But this clock rings cool style or give us a never before experience: watching a finger can right time to clear in mind.
Clock rings concept is proposed two years ago by the Gusztav Szikszai. There are three rows of rings figures represent the hours, minutes and seconds. In the rotation when the built-in LED will light corresponding symbol.

Clock Rings 316L medical stainless steel raw materials are, simple design low profile, wearing a man's hand in masculine nor significant unexpected. Orange or blue LED light when the user rotates the ring lights up one minute, and then automatically turns off to save power. According expects ring configuration rechargeable battery can provide about a week of electricity.
Currently, the clock rings are public vote to raise funds on the website Indiegogo booking lowest price is $ 185.

Check out how a clock works here

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  1. I am a gadget fan like no other! This small device caught my eye and i just wanted to grab it as soon as possible. Finally i managed to get my hands on it and PERFECT! Its just out of the box thought to have a small device like this on my finger! Cool!